HBO Def 'Comedy': 'I Hate George Bush Because He's a Cracker'

How quiet is it Chez Finkelstein on Christmas morning? Quiet enough that I actually resorted to my HBO on Demand re-run channel and decided to check out a two-minute Def Comedy short. I wasn't looking for trouble, let alone grist for the NB mill. But here's what turned up. A comedian named Patrice O'Neal. And these were the very first words out of his mouth:

View video here.

Hello, how're you doin? My name is Patrice O'Neal and I'm disturbed by the fact that I think every black person hates George Bush. Now I'm one of them. But the fact is I don't even have a good God------ reason why I don't. I just don't like him because he's a cracker.

O'Neal proceeded to do some women-in-the-street interviews that in every case quickly veered from the political to the sexual/personal. He concluded the segment as perplexed as ever.

This is what passes for entertainment on HBO -- owned by Time Warner. Not exactly "It's a Wonderful Life." But popular culture notwithstanding, sincere wishes for a Merry Christmas to all our NB community!

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