Pat & Willie Warn: Don't Cross 'Mean Schoolteacher' Hillary

Forget Nurse Ratched. Pat Buchanan and Willie Geist have birthed a new metaphor for Hillary Clinton: the mean schoolmarm.

On "Morning Joe" today at about 6:55 A.M. EDT, the pair were discussing the way in which Clinton has cuffed Barack Obama around for his ill-considered statement that he would invade Pakistan under certain circumstances. Geist has been guest-hosting for Joe Scarborough this week. Buchanan hypothesized a situation in which the U.S. did have intelligence about OBL's location within Pakistan.

MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR PAT BUCHANAN: You can't say publicly that President Musharraf isn't giving us any help; we're dropping the 82nd Airborne into the mountains of his country. You would be at war with his country; there would be riots in the streets. So there's no doubt about it, you would send in special forces guys; my guess is we got them walking around in there now. But you don't say these things publicly.

MORNING JOE GUEST HOST WILLIE GEIST: That's right, that's right.

BUCHANAN: Hillary was dead right on that.

GEIST: Hillary smacked him around, sent him to his room without dinner. That was quite something.

BUCHANAN: She's a mean schoolteacher.

GEIST: She is. Boy, I wouldn't want to cross her.

Newsreader Mika Brzezinksi, ever the defender of her beloved Dems, admonished Buchanan with a disapproving "Pa-t-t-t-t!"

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