Behar's Bad Taste: 'Laura Looks Like She's Starting to Drink; She's Like Stoned'

April 26th, 2007 4:12 PM
With Rosie O'Donnell on her way out of "The View," could Joy Behar be seeking to establish herself as the show's dominant voice of vulgarity?

Commenting on a videotape of President Bush doing an impromptu dance with a West African troupe on the occasion of Malaria Awareness Day, with the First Lady in attendance, Behar said the following:

THE VIEW CO-HOST JOY BEHAR: Laura looks like she's starting to drink. Did you see her? She's like stoned.

View video here.

Note that while Mrs. Bush isn't visible in the clip shown here, the First Lady was indeed in attendance at the malaria event and Behar had obviously viewed an extended clip.

This wasn't Behar's only lapse of feminist solidarity -- or good taste -- on the show. Earlier, another panel member had mentioned that on "Dancing With the Stars," Paul McCartney's future ex-wife Heather Mills, who had a leg amputated after a car crash, had performed a back flip
BEHAR: With one leg, that's true. Did she leave little holes in the floor from the leg?
Can you imagine the outrage from the "differently-abled community" if a conservative had said such a thing?

Joy Behar: The View's new Queen Bee of Bad Taste? Is this what passes for witty repartee in Barbara Walters' book?

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