Kerry Comments: 'Today' Hauls in Harwood to Help

Just yesterday a reader brought to my attention the sudden TV ubiquity of John Harwood. He pointed out that - CNBC and Wall Street Journal credentials notwithstanding - Harwood is a predictable liberal voice. And sure enough, it was none other than Harwood that David Gregory chose for a comment on L'Affaire Kerry on this morning's 'Today.' And darn if that reader wasn't right about Harwood's leftward tilt. Let's read and analyze Harwood's statement:

"It's difficult to see, in a campaign dominated by unhappiness about the Iraq war, how these comments will be a driving force in the last few days."

So not only does Harwood dismiss the significance of Monsieur Kerry's faux pas, he even manages to take a drive-by shot at the Republican sore spot - Iraq. Nice two-fer!

I've got to find that reader and thank him.

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