Globe Sports Reporter: Detroit 'Real Town' - NY Times Available, Jacksonville 'Yahoo Town'

January 30th, 2006 5:05 PM

Liberal media bias isn't limited to news reporters. At least when it comes to the Boston Globe, it clearly extends to the sports department.

Boston Globe sports reporter Dan Shaughnessey just completed an interview with the edgy Jim Rome, host of the eponymous 'Jim Rome is Burning' on ESPN. The topic was Detroit's worthiness as a Super Bowl site. Shaughnessey vigorously defended Motown in these terms: "Detroit is a real city. You can get the New York Times here."

In closing, Shaughnessey took a gratuitous swipe at recent Super Bowl host city Jacksonsville, calling it a "yahoo town" that should never have been granted hosting privileges.

Rome stuck up for Jacksonville, cautioning his Bean Town guest not to slur it again.

Aside from the blatant blue state/red state bias, should Shaughnessey be faulted for failing to disclose that the Boston Globe is largely owned by none other than . . . the New York Times?