Julian Phillips Getting into Fox Swing of Things? Criticizes Dems' Failure to Offer Solutions

Is Julian Phillips of Fox & Friends Weekend undergoing a sea change? 

Readers of my entries here and at Free Republic know that over the months I've enjoyed skewering Julian when he has let his liberal slip show.  But this morning, Julian sang a very different song.

The context was a report that Bill Clinton yesterday urged his fellow Democrats to speak out bluntly on controversial issues, from abortion to religion.

Phillips had this to say:

"You can speak up and be tough but the question is, do you have any different solutions?  And I think that's the thing with the Democrats at this time.  They have to come up with some alternatives and I don't see that they have actually come up with anything yet." [emphasis added]

Huh!  Couldn't have said it better myself!

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