The Affair of the Century: HuffPo Hearts

Want to forsake your marriage vows and engage in a “discreet” affair?, “the most recognized name in infidelity,” has you covered, or uncovered. Immorality is trending in America, and and Huffington Post can’t wait to help you find a cheating partner. 

Ironically, liberal Huffington Post’s love affair with is more committed than casual, since HuffPo regularly writes about and highlights the adultery website. A search for “” on Huffington Post’s website yielded over 9,000 results. Of course, HuffPo added a "Divorce" section to its site before adding one for “Marriage.” (Never let it be said that HuffPo, house organ for the Hollywood left, doesn’t know its readers!) Given those priorities, it’s infatuation with the cheat site is understandable.

Most recently, HuffPo shamelessly plugged Ashley Madison’s newest outrage: An offer of $1 million to anyone who can prove they took Christian quarterback Tim Tebow’s virginity.

Other stories promoted by Huffington Post include a full-length video of the infidelity website’s rejected SuperBowl ad, featuring porn star Savanna Simmons. HuffPo also hawked AshleyMadison’s slander of GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, when the pro-adultery site erected a billboard endorsing Gingrich for president.

But don’t worry! says it doesn’t encourage married partners to stray or even make it easier to have an affair. No, the purpose of the website is “so you can communicate with other like-minded adults who may be more sympathetic to your circumstances.”

 And when you’ve ruined your marriage by participating in an extra-marital affair (that absolutely didn’t encourage you to have!) you can trot on over to Huffington Post’s “Divorce” section. With articles like “"Does Mother's Day Give Wives a Reason to Cheat?" and “'Why Do We Try So Hard To Save Floundering Marriages" the straying spouse can console him- or herself with the knowledge that everyone is doing it (at least everyone in Beverly Hills.)

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