Chuck Todd: ‘Nothing Better’ Than Being ‘Attacked by Donald Trump’

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Hours after President Trump blasted NBC White House correspondent Peter Alexander for being “the most biased reporter” in the press corps, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd predictably rushed to his colleague’s defense during MSNBC’s MTP Daily Wednesday afternoon: “There is nothing better for a journalist than to get attacked by Donald Trump.”

Todd continued: “Obviously you’re doing you’re job when he’s attacking you. In that sense, Peter was doing his job.” The only thing Alexander was trying to do in that presser was excuse the myriad of gaffes from Democratic 2020 frontrunner Joe Biden by attacking Trump.



Fellow MSNBC anchor Kasie Hunt also jumped in to support Alexander, proclaiming: “Can I just, first of all, say Peter Alexander is an extraordinarily fair colleague, reporter, and upstanding citizen.”

Later in the same discussion, Washington Free Beacon’s David Rutz caught Hunt displaying some blatant bias of her own. The KasieDC host demanded that American voters “elect a woman, please” while the panel speculated on Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s chances of securing the Democratic Party nomination and defeating Trump in the 2020 election.

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