Ellen’s Laugh Line: ‘I’m Not a Political Person in Any Way’

January 29th, 2018 5:25 PM

In an interview with Hoda Kotb for Monday’s NBC Today, liberal talk show host and prominent Hillary Clinton booster Ellen DeGeneres laughably claimed “I’m not like a political person in any way.” Rather than challenge that absurd declaration, Kotb simply fawned: “Despite her stand against having President Trump on her show, Ellen doesn’t shy away from using her platform to comment on his policies.”

At first, Kotb bizarrely asserted that DeGeneres doesn’t like to even mention politics: “With all this stuff that’s going on politically and all that, a lot of comedians are getting in on it. They’re having fun in late night. But you don’t go near the stuff.” Ellen actually had to correct her: “Oh, I do.”



A soundbite followed of DeGeneres ranting on her daytime show that “no one has undermined Donald Trump more than Donald Trump.”

She told Kotb:

I mean, it’s hard to ignore what this man is doing. I’m not like a political person in any way, but, you know, when you have a president who is so divisive and who is really tearing us all apart and not bringing us together and not, you know, showing us all in the best light, I can’t support that.

Here is just a sample of how much the supposedly non-political host has waded into politics in the past few years: 

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In 2016, DeGeneres similarly claimed that she was “not a political person,” even as she used her show as a platfom to campaign against a religious freedom law in Mississippi. In that year alone, records revealed that DeGeneres donated over $40,000 to various Democratic causes throughout the 2016 election cycle.