‘Political Ally’ Ellen DeGeneres to Hillary Clinton: Pick Me as Veep?

If there’s any question that Hillary Clinton will have considerable help from celebrity liberals in the media, it was dispelled yet again on Wednesday. Ellen DeGeneres wondered if she could be Clinton’s vice president in a segment for the daytime TV show. The Democrat's appearance came as even the New York Times described the host as an open “political ally.” 

In a segment posted early on DeGeneres’s Youtube page, the host played a game in which she attempted to pick Clinton’s VP. A picture appeared of Michelle Obama and herself. In the photo, the TV star is saluting Clinton. DeGeneres gushed over the picture: “I don't know what that's from. But, anyway, so now you have to choose and obviously it's me.”

Earlier in another segment, Clinton buttered up her host, saying, “I’m here to interview you” for the VP job." The fawning continued as she added, “I think you could do a lot for the country." 

DeGeneres is so supportive of Clinton that even the New York Times noticed. In a story on Tuesday, Michael Cieply and Brooks Barnes described Clinton as a “friend, political ally and repeated past guest.” The journalists highlighted just how important the liberal host is to Clinton: 

Mrs. Clinton has leaned heavily on “Ellen” to help humanize herself beyond policy speeches and personal attacks leveled on cable news. Tuesday’s sit-down is the third time this cycle Mrs. Clinton will appear with Ms. DeGeneres. The appearance coincides with a new ABC News-Washington Post poll showing 53 percent of voters have an unfavorable opinion of Mrs. Clinton, compared to 60 percent who said the same about Mr. Trump.

In January, DeGeneres flatly told Clinton, “You know what a supporter I am.” In September of last year, she told the candidate, “You do not have to answer” questions related to the controversial secret e-mail server. 

On May 3, DeGeneres told Jane Fonda that Clinton is “super smart” and “amazing.” 

A partial transcript is below: 


ELLEN DEGENERES: So, we are going to play a little game that we call “Who Would You rather?” That could go on forever, that song. So, we’re going to show you pictures of two people and you’re going to show one over the other and then we’ll keep switching until we narrow it down until you’re — 

HILLARY CLINTON: This is very helpful. 

DEGENERES: We’re going to pick your vice president. You are welcome. 

CLINTON: Don’t tell anyone because we want it to be a big surprise. 

DEGENERES: Yes. All right. Let’s see. Mark Cuban or Joe Biden. 

CLINTON: Oh, Joe. 

DEGENERES: You’re picking Joe. 

CLINTON [Picture of Tony Goldwyn]: Oh, gotta go with Tony. 

DEGENERES [Picture of Jeff Probst]: Gotta go with Tony. [Picture of Bernie Sanders.]


DEGENERES [Picture of Kanye West]: Gotta go with Tony. What can I say? 

CLINTON [Picture of George Clooney.]: Tony could be the first term and George could be the second. 


CLINTON [Picture of Michelle Obama and Beyonce]: She’d be great. She’d be great. 

DEGENERES: I didn’t even think of that. 

CLINTON: Talk about someone well prepared. [Picture changes to Kate Mckinnon and Michelle Obama.]

DEGENERES: Or Kate. Michelle is a great idea. 

CLINTON: I think it’s a great idea. 

DEGENERES: Is that it? So did we pick Michelle or Beyonce? [Picture changes to Chelsea Clinton and Michelle Obama.]

DEGENERES: Well, do you have your daughter? 

CLINTON: Well, she’s slightly old enough. But she’s my main support system. So, I think I’ll keep here there. 

DEGENERES: Keep her on the side with the support. [Picture changes to Ellen and Michelle Obama.]

CLINTON: Well, you’ve got the salute down. [Ellen is saluting in picture.]

DEGENERES: I don’t know what that’s about. I don’t know what that’s from. But, anyway, so now you have to choose and obviously it’s me. 

CLINTON: Well, I mean, I already offered it to you. You didn’t sound — You turned it down. 

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