Rachel Maddow Praises ‘Favorite Republican’ Nicolle Wallace

Writing a gushing profile of fellow MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace for Variety’s New Power of New York list on Tuesday, the network’s left-wing primetime host Rachel Maddow explained why Wallace was her “favorite Republican.”

“The country is still bewildered today by the transformation of the swaggering but stalwart conservative GOP of the Bush-Cheney era in less than a decade into the braying, cursing, handsy, brazenly corrupt know-nothingism we’re living through now,” Maddow ranted in the piece. She then praised Wallace for being one of the “few Republicans who operated at the highest level of Republican presidential politics who saw that transformation coming.”

The committed leftist even laughably proclaimed: “Nicolle is a deep-red Republican, and a loyal conservative, but she’s a patriot first, second and third.”

The “deep-red Republican” recently accused the GOP of lacking a “conscience” or “soul.” The “loyal conservative” has a history of bashing conservatives like Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin.

No wonder why she’s Maddow’s “favorite Republican.”

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