MSNBC's Wallace: GOP Haven't Shown a 'Conscience,' 'Soul' on Trump

On Wednesday's Deadline: White House program on MSNBC, host Nicolle Wallace wondered if Republicans are "reaping what they sowed" from supporting Donald Trump for President, and suggested that GOPers have so far not been showing "a conscience and a soul" in standing by the President. 

The MSNBC Republican made her comments during a discussion of revelations that President Trump had made a secret deal with Democrats on the debt ceiling as most Republicans would have preferred to negotiate restraint on spending growth.

The MSNBC host turned to fellow MSNBC Republican Elise Jordan a 4:28 p.m. ET and posed:

And, Elise, does this sort of, I mean, are Republicans reaping what they sowed? I mean, they, in the views of a lot of folks who were waving the red flag and jumping up and down, screaming at the top of their lungs, people like Jeb Bush, people who sort of saw the warning signs, they all but predicted this would happen.

He was addicted to chaos, that he believed in nothing, and that there was no sort of policy plan for making America great. It really was simply a slogan.

Jordan began:

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Well, and you look at the divide between those who also chose to attach themselves to him in hopes that, "Well, he will be a Republican in name President, and we can get some of our pet projects and initiatives through." So far, that just hasn't been happening. And I'm kind of haunted by what Ashley Parker repeated from what she's been hearing from her sources, that now Republicans feel like they have freedom to what's right. 

She then chided Republicans as she added: "Well, there has been a long amount of time where there's been the freedom to do what's right. I'm glad that now that it's not politically expedient that maybe that's going to be (INAUDIBLE)."

Wallace then took a further swipe at the GOP as she injected: "It's called a conscience and a soul."

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