Network Morning Shows Give Scant 47 Seconds to Obama Budget

Despite the fact that the national debt has topped $15 trillion, the three network morning shows on Monday managed to only provide a total of 47 seconds to the Obama administration's newly released budget plan.

NBC's Today gave the most time to the news – a whole 26 seconds – but also completely glossed over criticism of the plan, with news anchor Natalie Morales declaring: "President Obama is sending a new budget to Congress today in a bid to reduce the deficit by some $4 trillion over the next decade. The spending blueprint outlines his plans to cut government spending and raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans."

ABC's Good Morning America mustered a mere 13 seconds, but did at least allude to opposition: "President Obama meanwhile, unveils his 2013 budget today. He says it would reduce the deficit by some $4 trillion over the next decade, with spending cuts and higher taxes on the wealthy. Republicans call the plan a failure."

On CBS's This Morning, co-host Erica Hill could barely find enough time for an 8-second mention of President Obama proposing a budget: "Later today, President Obama releases his budget outline for next year, calling for cuts and new taxes in order to shrink the deficit."

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