Dishonest Nets REFUSE to Report on Left-Wing Rioters Setting Courthouse Ablaze in Portland

March 12th, 2021 1:24 PM

On Friday morning, all three broadcast networks ignored left-wing Antifa rioters committing violence yet again in Portland, Oregon. After federal officials took down barriers surrounding the Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse, put up last July due to nightly attacks on the building, Antifa responded violently on Thursday as they broke windows and set multiple fires to the building while assaulting law enforcement.

Demonstrators apparently carried signs with violent messages such as,“End America,” and yelled “F**k the United States.” According to local news reports, this violence was in support for Black Lives Matter movement as well. But not a peep about the violent attack on a federal building was heard on ABC, NBC or CBS’s morning shows.

In contrast, Fox and Friends did report on the story:


Correspondent Benjamin Hall reported:

A group of 60 people stormed the police outside the Hatfield building. The courthouse has been the scene of several protests, unlawful assemblies and riots since last May following the death of George Floyd. At least one person arrested on suspicion of damaging property and allegedly punching an officer. Some in the crowd can be seen burning American flags, smashing windows and spraying graffiti. It was the federal authorities on the scene, officers with the Department of Homeland Security, they encountered the protestors with teargas and smoke bombs. Many demonstrators were dressed in all black and some reports identifying them as Antifa. 

But the same media who have spent months talking about the violent storming of the Capitol building have yet to make a peep about violent anarchists attacking another federal building while battling police.

So what did the networks find time to report on instead?

ABC found time to promote a Broadway version of parent company, Disney's film Frozen. NBC spent more time on the royal family drama while CBS did a full report on the upcoming Grammys Awards. 

ABC hiding left-wing violence was paid for by Comcast while CBS's deception was paid for by Nissan. CBS's bias was paid for by Bathfitter. Contact them at the Conservatives Fight Back page here.