Vile MSNBC: St. Louis Couple Speaking at RNC Shows GOP's 'Vicious Racism'

August 18th, 2020 4:02 PM

Showing how the media can spin just about anything good this president does as something horrible, MSNBC spent the noon hour complaining about President Trump’s White House event honoring the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment. Host Andrea Mitchell and guests ignored Trump's posthumous pardon of suffragist Susan B. Anthony to complain about the president firing back at Michelle Obama during the event and whining that his suburban housewives comments were “racist dog whistles.” 

After briefly playing part of Trump’s latter comments, which were made in response to a reporter’s question, Mitchell abruptly cut him off mid-sentence to huff in disgust, “The racist dogwhistle is now a siren song!” 

NBC News political contributor Shawna Thomas suggested that Trump's message promising Americans safety and security in their own homes was a sign of callousness towards the poor:

[I] think what President Trump was expressing there is how he sees the American dream. How he sees that suburban dream. I think there's a lot of people out there in the country who don't necessarily think moving out to the suburbs and pretending there aren't people in poverty and pretending that you can't give people a helping hand is the way that they want to live their American dream...

The media has been hell-bent on making Trump’s comments about race even when they defeat their own argument by admitting the suburbs are actually diverse. Furthermore, the media actually reveals their own racism by assuming that minorities don’t want to live in safe and prospering neighborhoods. Mitchell herself has grossly mischaracterized what Trump’s said on this issue, sneering on a previous show he was really telling whites, “I’m going to protect you from black people.”

Mitchell tried to tie Trump’s suburbs comments to the RNC inviting the McCloskeys to speak at the Republican convention: “And we now know that the Republican convention is going to feature that St. Louis couple who brandished their firearms against the Black Lives Matter protesters in June. Carol Anderson, what is that going to say to America coming at the Republican National Convention?" 

Anderson, a professor of African American Studies at Emory University, actually tried to compare the McCloskeys defending their home against violent BLM activists to a white mob who attacked a black doctor and his family after they moved into a segregated neighborhood in Detroit...almost a century ago:

CAROL ANDERSON: It's really striking that same tone of the invasion. And that invasion is language that we have heard back when Ossian Sweet in Detroit. A black doctor who moved out of the all-black restricted neighborhood into a white working class neighborhood and was surrounded by a mob. And the newspaper talked about this invasion of these negroes so that black people moving to better homes becomes an invasion. So what Trump is doing there is multifold. He's trying to scare white women because that's who has really defected from him and to say I can protect you from this invasion so you need to vote for me. Except white women aren't protected. And what you saw there with that couple with their guns was their way of protecting from this invasion. It’s the same language, the same tropes, and it’s the same kind of vicious racism that has made this election such a stark, clear difference between one party and the other.

Nevermind that this analogy makes no sense since Ossian Sweet justifiably defended his home with firearms against a violent mob, but the media has villified the St. Louis couple as racists for doing the same thing.

CNN’s noon hour also spent a few minutes bashing the guest speaker lineup but conveniently left out former Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann who sued the network for their disgraceful smear campaign against him.

MSNBC's race-baiting propaganda was paid for by Carshield and DirecTV.