CNN's Camerota Fumes After Black Trump Supporter Calls Out Biden's Racist Comments

July 29th, 2020 1:04 PM

CNN hosts Alisyn Camerota and John Berman were ecstatic on Wednesday’s New Day by what they deemed increased enthusiasm for Joe Biden from ex-Trump voters. Camerota sat down with three Trump supporters and three alleged former Trump voters who now say they won’t for the the president again, in a two-part interview that aired Tuesday and Wednesday morning. 

But instead of moderating the discussion, Camerota showed her bias by singling out and badgering the pro-Trump voters and conversely, encouraging the anti-Trumpers to talk up Joe Biden and bash President Trump.

The CNN host first invited the anti-Trump voters to blame the president for their loved ones getting infected and dying from coronavirus:

Show of hands, have you had a friend or love one or know someone who got very sick with COVID and/or died? So three of you. Tommy, tell us what you think about President Trump's response to coronavirus.

After a pro-Trump panelist argued that it wasn’t worth the economy being shut down due to the high survival rate of the virus, Camerota started berating her, asking if she finds the amount of people dying “OK:”

So you're willing to live with those numbers, those numbers are okay for you?” she accused.

That hostile attitude wasn’t shown to the panelists who “regretted” voting for Trump. On Wednesday, Camerota tried to trap one Trump supporter after he pointed out Biden and the Democrats' history on race:

DAMANI BRYANT FELDER: We're talking about Joe Biden right now. Joe Biden is the same one who said he didn't want his kids growing up in a racial jungle. We're talking about Joe Biden, who said, you can't go to a 7-Eleven unless you have a slight Indian accent. You're talking about Joe Biden who has a history of aligning himself with Robert Byrd who's an actual former grand wizard of the KKK. So when you call him a decent man, that's actually a slap in the face to any minority thinking person. 

CAMEROTA: What about "There are good people on both sides" at a KKK rally in Charlottesville? Why doesn't that one bother you as much?

FELDER: When President Trump said 'there are good people on both sides' what he meant by that is there are obviously going to be extremists on both sides of the aisle. Nothing is more evidenced to that than what we've seen recently with far-left people and far-right people. I think my support for him has strengthened when he was really to call out the rioters out with the protesters with BLM right now. We're seeing right now an opportunity a lot of people are taking to exercise their displeasure with people in the 2016 election. They did not let that go....

Camerota has a history of berating black conservatives on these voter panels for not agreeing that America or President Trump is racist. Meanwhile, she let a former Trump voter turned Biden supporter hail how great Biden is, even goading him to say he'll vote for Biden:

TOMMY STALLINGS: I don't think a lot of conservatives or Republicans know Joe Biden that well. He was the head of the judiciary committee when Clarence Thomas was confirmed for the Supreme Court. Of all of the Democrats that are running, Joe Biden is center of left more than anyone else. 

CAMEROTA: So are you saying, Tommy, that you are getting comfortable with voting for Joe Biden? 

STALLINGS: Absolutely, I am, absolutely. He's a decent man. He's an honorable statesman. He has a life story...

During this show she also floated left-wing conspiracies that President Trump will refuse to leave office, asking, "Show of hands, how many people that President Trump may not accept the election results?" 

Show of hands, how many journalists at CNN haven't accepted the 2016 results?

At the end of each show, the CNN co-hosts were raving over their little experiment. Tuesday, Berman gushed about how the voters unhappy with Trump, reflected polls. Camerota hyped how one panelist “had regrets instantly” [voting for Trump].

“You know, it should go without saying also that if you are losing people who voted for you in 2016 and you aren't doing much to expand your electorate and expand your base, you're in trouble,” Berman boasted. 

On Wednesday, they ended the segment hoping the Never Trump movement would match the passion behind Trump’s base at the polls: "Now you're starting to hear I think for the first time that same level of passion from the people who voted for him in 2016 but now regret it," Camerota gushed.

New Day was exposed in 2018 for placing an anti-Trump socialist on a panel of supposed former Trump supporters, so one must take segments like these with a heavy dose of skepticism.

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