Fake News: CNN's 'Trump Voter' Actually an Anti-Trump Socialist

August 11th, 2018 9:10 AM

On Tuesday CNN again treated supposed Trump voters as lab rats to analyze their current attitudes towards the President. As Newsbusters' Brad Wilmouth observed, CNN hinted that "Half of Trump Voters Regret Support for 'Monster.'" However, since then it has been revealed that that supposed apple Trump voter calling the President a monster on the "facts first" CNN panel was actually a virulently anti-Trump socialist banana.

As Vincent James of the Red Elephants channel on YouTube revealed, those facts about the true political views of panelist Jeremy Montanez were easily available online but for CNN it seems that it's really facts last if it comes to promoting their agenda of projecting disenchantment with President Donald Trump among his voters. 

First we have New Day host Alisyn Camerota doing the Trump voter lab rat shtick to hype a premise proved false since at least one of her panelists was easily revealed as anti-Trump even back in 2016 when he claimed to have voted for him despite his extreme antagonism towards Trump before the election.


ALISYN CAMEROTA: Jeremy, what do you regret about your vote?

JEREMY MONTANEZ: In my mind, the way I look at him now, I think he's a monster. I think he's a bigot. I think that he's doing a lot of things to ruin people's lives. I don't think that he has -- I think that he's taken this country in the wrong direction, and it's a terrifying time for me.

CAMEROTA: Was there a moment that turned you?

MONTANEZ: It was when I heard about what was going on on the southern border.

Actually Montanez was vehemently anti-Trump long before that. In fact even before the 2016 election when he supposedly voted for Trump. This information that was so very conveniently overlooked by CNN was revealed by Vincent James on his Red Elephants YouTube channel.

It wouldn't have taken a great deal of research to find the two anti-gun videos referenced by James since the YouTube channel of Jeremy Montanez has a grand total of just 16 videos. Here is what he had to say about the person CNN laughably wants us to believe he voted for in his June 2016 video about the Orlando shooting:

It makes me disgusted at the majority of this country but then what can I expect anything less from, you know, a majority of half the population nominating a person like Donald Trump.

And yet, CNN wants us to believe Montanez just a few months later went on to vote for Donald Trump? Riiiiiight!

Another clue easily available to CNN that Montanez was not who he claimed to be (Trump voter) is his Facebook page which features the Communist clenched fist salute at the top and has campaign button images of Socialist congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Finally Camerota concluded her lab rat analysis of supposed Trump voters by telling John Berman this fake news lie:

CAMEROTA: One more time, that was not Clinton voters versus Trump voters. Those were all Trump voters.

So is Alisyn Camerota going to correct the record by revealing the truth behind "Trump voter" Jeremy Montanez that the possibility of him voting for Trump in 2016 is somewhere between nil and none? This would be difficult for her to do since it would undermine the fake news CNN premise that there is great disenchantment with Trump among those who voted for him.

UPDATE, August 14, 3:55 p.m. Eastern: Montanez contacted NewsBusters to dispute the suggestion that he was not a Trump supporter in the 2016 election: "[Y]es I am a socialist yes I am a die-hard liberal but I did support this President and you can't prove otherwise."