Nasty Seth Meyers: ‘Sociopath’ Trump Cares More For His 'Personal Fortunes' Than 'Saving Lives'

March 26th, 2020 10:55 AM

There’s a conspiracy theory on the left that continues to be spread by the media this week, claiming President Trump only wants to reopen the economy because it would benefit his hotel business. This idea should puzzle any sane person, yet somehow it makes sense to those deranged by their hatred of the president.

After The View’s Sunny Hostin, and MSNBC spread this theory Tuesday, Late Night host Seth Meyers continued spreading this dangerous idea on his early Wednesday morning show, which was broadcast online.

While raging at President Trump in a hate-filled monologue from his home, Meyers took several cheap shots (Trump was “banned from kids parties” because he “snorted cocaine,” putting Trump in office like putting a dog in office), before negatively spinning the president’s hope to reopen the economy sooner than later, as the act of the “most self-centered man on earth”:

Trump has always cared more about the stock market than the public health crisis, he cares more about the Dow than saving lives. It's that simple. Sees the stock market as key to his personal political fortunes. So now he's talking about lifting the public health restrictions and opening the country back up by Easter, Easter! Which is less than three weeks away.

Meyers put a picture of the Easter bunny on screen and snarked, “You're literally onstage with multiple doctors and you decided to cede the decision to this guy?”

He doubled down on his nasty smear later:

[N]ow Trump is being goaded on in this sadistic plan to put profits over lives by CEOs, economic advisers  in fringe characters on the right who are actually suggesting that it might be worth letting some people die in order to save the economy....

Now at an extremely dangerous moment where a reckless ruling class and a self-absorbed president are trying to prematurely end the fight against a dangerous pandemic because their stock portfolios are taking a hit. This is sociopathic governance.

The late night host even managed to spin the travel ban as helping to spread disease in the United States:

"I mean, remember when he announced his poorly planned and confusing travel ban and throngs of people rushing back into the country, packed into airports and waited on line for hours?" he sneered.

To those obsessed with taking down President Trump, there could be no legitimate reason why he would want to give people their jobs back and restore hope. Meyers negative rant-fest showcased just how much the media wants Trump to fail. Meyers couldn't even stand that President Trump said he's looking to the “light at the end of the tunnel”:

"What are you talking about? You sure you're not just staring into the sun again?... No, think about how deranged this is. experts are telling us it could take months...We’re still two or three weeks away from hitting the peak!" Meyers touted.