You've Got to Be Kidding: Whoopi Wishes Biden Would Pick Hillary for VP

March 13th, 2020 8:06 PM

On The View Friday, the hosts continued speculating about who Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden would pick for his Vice President. After sharing her pipedream last week that either Barack or Michelle Obama could be Biden’s VP, Whoopi continued her nostalgic fantasizing for the Obama years on today’s show, this time suggesting Hillary Clinton be his pick.

After Joy Behar weirdly gave Mike Pence praise again for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, Whoopi shifted the discussion to speculate about whom the likely Democrat nominee’s Vice President would be.

“You know who he should pick but he won’t? The person who he should actually pick?” she posed eagerly to her co-hosts who threw out names but didn’t get it.

Finally, Whoopi gave it away: “The person who really is qualified to do it, and he cannot pick her--Hillary Clinton. I’m just saying in terms of the qualifications. She is -- she would be brilliant,” Whoopi touted.

Co-host Sunny Hostin agreed and began gushing about the Hillary documentary on Hulu.

“I just finished watching it and it is spectacular! It was spectacular,” she raved. 

Hostin gushed that even though Clinton has been in politics for decades, the public still misunderstood her and this documentary reveals who she *really* is.

The nauseating fawning continued as Whoopi praised Clinton for being a feminist, while Behar wondered if Clinton could be Secretary of State again:

HOSTIN: It goes to show you not only her qualifications, but who she really is, and how she has been so misread by so many people. And so misjudged and really just sort of, you know, the sins of her husband have just been imputed to her over and over and over again.

WHOOPI: It's not just that. It was the fact she did not conform, you know, what I forgot about was the beginning of their tenure in Arkansas.

HOSTIN Yes. Yes.

WHOOPI She was sort of working side by side with him, and she was, like, you know you're not supposed to be doing that, right. You need to get in the corner. She was, like, I have never been in the corner. You it can't put baby in the corner.

HOSTIN: Even the transformational work even as a student even as a young lawyer.

BEHAR: Maybe. She could be Secretary of State again, right?