Sunny Hostin: I'm 'Happy' that Coronavirus Fears Have Made Us Embrace Socialist Policies

March 13th, 2020 2:06 PM

The View hosts found a silver lining to the coronavirus pandemic on Friday’s show, namely, that it proved how well Socialism worked. Co-host Sunny Hostin gushed that the coronavirus has caused Americans to embrace health and work policies that are rooted in socialist philosophies so that was a “wonderful” thing.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg first asked her co-hosts what they thought about a New York Times op-ed that alleged the coronavirus response is proof that everyone's a Socialist in a pandemic.But she wasn’t talking about the toilet paper shortages or massively long lines at the grocery store.

Instead, the hosts and Times writer meant Republicans were now embracing policies like paid sick leave and universal health care.

Co-host Joy Behar grossly claimed it must be true because Republicans only care about health care when it affects them, a sick message that CBS echoed this morning as well.

You know, when it hits that party -- you know which party I'm talking about. Like when Nancy Reagan's husband got Alzheimer's, she suddenly was for stem cell research. Suddenly it affects you and you have a different way of looking at the world, and so now Trump's numbers are shaky. There was an article in the paper that this could be his Waterloo or whatever, and now they don’t want people to think he's not helping and when he's riding high, the only people he helps are billionaires.

But Sunny Hostin revealed she was just “happy” that the coronavirus had given Americans the chance to see why we need “wonderful” “Socialist” policies like paid sick leave.She also suggested America wasn’t the “greatest country in the world” because we haven’t embraced socialism whole-heartedly like some other countries have:

“You know, I'm happy actually that some people have had this change of heart because, you know, ever since we started talking about coronavirus, this is something that have been bringing up,” Hostin began, before talking about people not being able to afford to take time off work.

...[T]hat is a shame in what we want to call the greatest country in the world. So now that you have companies that are saying, yes. Go home. Stay at home with your family. Be able to, you know, feed your family. I'm going to give you paid leave. I think that is a wonderful thing. And that is a sort of socialism type concept. Because Social Security is a socialist concept, so is universal health care. Those are classically Socialist concepts!