Wishful Joy Behar: Trump Won't Get Re-Elected Because of Coronavirus

March 11th, 2020 3:31 PM

Shortly after The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg insisted that the media wasn’t politicizing the coronavirus on Wednesday’s show, her co-host, Joy Behar did just that, predicting that the virus would keep Trump from getting re-elected.

The hosts did their show without an audience Wednesday, to follow the CDC’s recommendation of “social distancing.” That wasn’t all that was different, though. Former conservative co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck was also at the table and she started arguing with liberal hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin pretty quickly over Trump’s handling of the coronavirus.

But first Whoopi slammed the right for showcasing how the media has been politicizing the virus: “This is not a left wing conspiracy to get you know who out of the White House,” Whoopi snarked, adding that “this is no joke,” and people need to follow proper hygiene and social guidelines to contain the virus from spreading further.

Hasselbeck advised people take precautions but not “panic” because she had faith that America’s “strong leadership” was taking care of it to the best of their ability. That irked Behar and Hostin who pushed back.

“Where is the strong leadership? He has told us nothing of any importance! Trump says it’s no big deal--” Behar ranted.

Hostin argued that people live paycheck-to-paycheck and so people can’t take time off work and that is somehow Trump’s fault. “So when you look at the response, Elisabeth, from this administration, it hasn't been good. I don't see real leadership,” she scolded.

Just moments after Whoopi’s confident assertion, Behar was ready to tout how this could get Trump out of office.“This could be the end of his whole--He won’t get re-elected because of this, in my opinion,” Behar gushed.

She also kept worrying about Trump not getting tested. “I'm not listening to Dr. Bone spurs either. I'm not!” she sneered.

Regardless, Hasselbeck was the only level-headed one it seemed as she encouraged prayer and to keep a positive mindset, considering how well the country was doing up to this point, economically.

But Hostin kept panicking, like Behar. “How can it not be a panic situation when you have people dying from this?” she touted.

McCain was worried about the political ramifications of every candidate, including Trump, potentially cancelling rallies affecting the election. She worried that the level of fear would make things “much worse” for everyone.

Yet Hasselbeck’s optimistic words seemed to fall on deaf ears to the current co-hosts who wanted to hype doom and gloom and politicize the situation.