Liberal Comic on MSNBC Insists Coronavirus 'Is Political': Trump 'Doesn’t Care About Us' or Science!

March 11th, 2020 10:37 AM

During MSNBC’s live post-Super Tuesday II coverage early Wednesday morning, podcast host and stand up comic Pete Dominick went on a nasty rant against President Trump over the coronavirus. While many in the media have feigned outrage at the notion they are politicizing this pandemic, Dominick admitted proudly that they are, because Trump "doesn't care about us" or "science."

Anchor Ali Velshi first brought up the virus with medical contributor and virologist Joseph Fair. Velshi claimed that the Trump administration was telling people to go to work even if they’re sick and expressed frustration at the delay or test kits being available. At the same time, he insisted they weren’t “pointing fingers” because it’s “a natural disaster” as Fair added. But Dominick wanted to rage against this being President Trump’s fault:

I don't mean to stir it up here and make it a political thing but I've got to say it is a political thing. The President of the United States doesn't care about us. He doesn't care about us! He doesn't care about the public. You talk about in past administrations, mistakes were made. Of course, at the mayoral level, at the gubernatorial level and at the federal level. Of course they are. But you have the right people in place. You believe the numbers, you understand the science. This is president who has no understanding or interest in science, any kind of science. And he does not care about us. He only cares about the numbers.

Dominick later bragged about his deranged Chicken-Little monologue on Twitter:

Fellow guest and MSNBC “Republican” strategist Susan Del Percio gushed in agreement: “He made it political by going after Democrats.”

Velshi agreed with the extreme commentary while spreading some own of his own, before gently pointing out that he virus was not Trump’s fault:

I totally hear you and I share that view. And I would say that other people are having to step up because the government is not giving proper guidance on what gatherings should look like. However, you have seen on social media there are hashtags going around that sort of imply, some of them are absolutely racist. Some of them imply this is a Chinese thing....

So the issue is while I think we can accept the fact the president has not taken up the mantle of leadership…. I think we can also accept the fact that it’s not--the president didn’t start the virus.

The liberal comedian pushed back on that again:

“The president didn't start the virus but the President of the United States is the person in charge, and nobody trusts him and nobody feels safe with him,” Dominick insisted as they wrapped to commercial.