CNN’s Angela Rye Bullies Blacks Voting for Trump: ‘Shame on You’

February 28th, 2020 1:46 PM

Always angry CNN political commentator Angela Rye spewed venom at black Trump supporters on the network, Thursday morning. Rye was invited by CNN Tonight host Don Lemon to comment on President Trump’s re-election campaign reaching out to black voters.

Not only did she completely downplay what the president has done for the black community, giving Obama credit instead, she also bullied black people who may be thinking of voting for Trump in the upcoming election.

Lemon asked Rye to comment on Trump campaign adviser Katrina Pierson calling this outreach program, “woke.” Rye sneered at the campaign using this term, saying she was “asleep,” before bashing President Trump for not doing anything for the black community. She even claimed the unemployment numbers were a result of President Obama’s work:

And I think the reality of it is, just to go back to what Tara was just saying, is Donald Trump does not have a tremendous record to stand on as it relates to criminal justice reform. He has one bill passed. And a strategy that has not served black and brown people for years from before his election, right? I think Donald Trump does not have a strong record to stand on as it relates to black unemployment. He has Barack Obama's record to stand on with that.

Rye also attacked Trump surrogates, saying, “Who the hell are these people?” before ending her rant shaming any black person who is thinking of voting for the president in 2020:

And I think that at some point black folks have got to look themselves in the mirror and say, ‘Hey, do I want to follow Mark Burns? Do I want to follow Katrina Pearson? Do I want to follow Diamond and Silk?’ Like, who the hell are these people, right? Instead, you want to give Donald Trump kudos for throwing Cheez-It bits at you and then criticize the people who have spent their careers doing things for the betterment of black people and black society. And I would just say at that point, if you still go over to Donald Trump after that, shame on you. Period.

Fake CNN Republican Tara Setmayer was also on the panel, and she warned her liberal friends not to downplay Trump appealing to black voters with this “facade”:

“Pay attention to a couple things they’re going to do. I’m telling your right now. They're going to trot out the two or three black folks that actually work for this administration and try to make it look like they're doing things to invest in the black community to try to paint the facade. So, you know, the Democrats need to not take this for granted,” she fretted. Rye agreed with Setmayer, saying “you need to look at your spokespeople,” as Lemon wrapped up the segment.