'View:' Of Course Democrat 'Patriotism' Motivates Impeachment Inquiry!

October 29th, 2019 2:33 PM

Tuesday on The View, the liberal hosts adamantly defended the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry as an act of patriotism, as co-hosts Abby Huntsman and Meghan McCain complained that both parties were putting party before country. The argument came up as the co-hosts were bashing FNC host Laura Ingraham and guest John Yoo for questioning the loyalty of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who is set to testify against President Trump today over that July phone call with Ukraine’s president, which Democrats hope to impeach Trump over.

Co-host Joy Behar laid into Ingraham for not questioning “President Bone Spurs” but questioning Vindman, who has a purple heart. Abby Huntsman called it “unpatriotic” while Sunny Hostin slammed the criticism as “un-American.” Meghan McCain agreed but pointed out her co-hosts defended Hillary Clinton for calling Tulsi Gabbard, who is also a veteran, a Russian asset:

“We saw it with Tulsi Gabbard last week with Hillary Clinton for the exact same thing saying she was a Russian asset. All of this language is like McCarthyism. If you have a problem with what Laura Ingraham did--” she began.

Behar and Hostin kept cutting in trying to defend Clinton. “She’s not questioning her [Gabbard’s] loyalty,” Behar claimed as Hostin shook her head.

Later, Huntsman also tried to call out both parties as guilty of putting “their party before this country.”

“I don’t see that,” Behar shot back, praising the Democrats as putting country before party:

“That the Democrats are putting party -- they're having impeachment inquiries against someone who has corruption against the country!” she declared. 

She lectured, "This is why we talk is when we talk against Trump who I believe to be unpatriotic and treasonous himself, we are actually being patriotic. People have to understand that!" 

“You’re saying Democrats never put their party before their country?” Huntsman posed to Behar.

Again, Behar and Hostin justified Democrats’ behavior as just doing the right thing.

“Not right now they're not!” Behar gushed.

Hostin agreed calling it a “false” equivalency to compare Democrats to Republicans. “I don't think you can claim a false equivalency at this point in time, Abby,” she urged.