Unhinged 'View' Hosts Attack Christie: 'How the Hell Could You Have Ever Supported [Trump]?'

Former Republican Governor of New Jersey and ABC News contributor Chris Christie appeared on The View Friday to analyze last night’s Democratic debate. However, the liberal hosts were more interested in attacking him for working for the Trump administration. The segment ended in a total meltdown from each of the hosts, ranting and raving over how awful the president is.

Friday co-host Ana Navarro began by playing the clip of Trump joking with Vladimir Putin, telling him to not meddle in our elections. Shaking her head, she sneered, “How the hell could you have ever supported and worked with this guy?”

Christie answered that his policies were “more in line with my philosophy” than Hilary Clinton’s were. That didn’t satisfy Navarro, who gushed, “You're a prosecutor. This guy’s a lawbreaker!”

“He’s a criminal!” Joy Behar chimed in. Navarro kept ranting as the audience cheered, “You're against dictators. He coddles dictators. He looks the other way!”

“I'm for tax cuts. I'm for deregulation. I'm for balancing the federal judiciary,” Christie stated.

Behar snarked, “Are you for pollution also?” adding, “He has rolled back so many EPA changes.”

Each co-host kept chiming in to attack their guest. “He [Trump] doesn't seem to believe in the science!” Sunny Hostin added to the pile on.

As Christie kept defending himself and differentiating himself from the President, McCain gushed, “Now you know what my life is like every day on this show, man. Getting screamed at just for being a Republican!

Navarro wasn’t done. “You put Charlie Kushner in prison for corruption, and now they're in the White House for being corrupt!” she gushed to audience applause, again.

As Behar sneered that the only thing Christie cared about was tax cuts, Hostin jumped in to lecture, “Kids are in cages!”

After Christie said he didn’t support the family separation policy, Hostin muttered, “Kids are dead!” After more unfruitful cross-talk McCain and Behar cut in to wrap the segment. “All Republicans aren’t evil, guys,” McCain snarked.

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