Shameless CNN Invites Foe April Ryan to Attack Departing Sanders: 'Worst' Press Sec. In Three Decades

June 14th, 2019 9:58 AM

At the news that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders would be leaving her post at the end of the month, CNN shamelessly spent their primetime hours that night giving her most bitter foe in the press free reign to bash her character. Both Erin Burnett and Don Lemon brought on April Ryan, who isn’t event CNN’s own White House correspondent, to slam Sanders one last time as “suffering from lie-abetes” and declaring her was the “worst press secretary” in the past three decades.

First on Erin Burnett OutFront, Ryan was invited to comment on Sanders’ announcement. Ryan snarked that she should’ve left sooner because she “suffers from lie-abetes” and her “tenure has been fraught with sex lies and videotape.”

She slammed Sanders numerous times for “lying” and called her out for tweeting a “propaganda video” of that infamous exchange between Jim Acosta and President Trump.

Burnett then played a video of Ryan badgering and interrupting Sanders during one press briefing. In the strangest analysis ever, Burnett wondered “what motivated” Sanders, not Ryan, to be “rude” and “hostile” towards the reporter, even while Burnett admitted she did so in a “calm tone.”

Later on CNN Tonight, Ryan scoffed and rolled her eyes dramatically when host Don Lemon questioned Sanders’ honesty. Lemon continued the hate-fest:

“Let's be honest, it [her legacy] will likely be lies and no briefings,” he snarked before playing a video package of hostile exchanges between reporters and Sanders. Afterwards Ryan ranted about how Sanders had permanently changed the briefing room to be a dishonest place and that she, along with her predecessor Sean Spicer, were the “worst press secretaries” since before President Clinton:

You could not trust her. I said it earlier. I'll say it again. I've even tweeted it. She suffers from lie-abetes…[She's] definitely changed the White House briefing room. I've been in that White House for 22 years, seen various press secretaries from Clinton until now. This press -- these last two, Sean and Sarah, the two S's, S squared, have been the worst press secretaries in my tenure at the White House and I would say basically anywhere else and not only that people talk about McCarthyism. What those two did, particularly Sarah, if you can't trust what comes out of that White House who can you trust?

Ryan also slammed Sanders for making “personal attacks,” on her, which is ironic because Ryan recenty called on the press secretary to be decapitated in a tweet. None of Ryan’s outrageous and immature attacks on Sanders over the years were brought up by the CNN hosts though, of course.

Ryan is one of the last journalists CNN should be calling on to comment on Sanders’ departure because of her unabashed disgust for the press secretary.