Joy Behar: Let's Pass a Law Requiring Republican Men Get Sterilized

May 15th, 2019 1:49 PM

Wednesday at the hot topics table, the hosts of ABC’s The View criticized the abortion banning bill that was passed in the Alabama Senate last night. Co-host Joy Behar cried sexism, while Whoopi Goldberg complained about religion influencing politics, and Sunny Hostin argued with Meghan McCain over the meaning of pro-life.

After introducing the topic, Behar sneered that the men who voted for this bill should be forced to be sterilized.

“Can we look at the panel of men who did this? What do they have in common?” she asked as the producers put a giant image of the twenty-five Republican Senators who passed the bill.

“They're all men. All white guys,” Behar answered her own question as the audience chuckled.

“Maybe we should make it a law they should all be required to get a vasectomy,” she quipped as the audience whooped and applauded at that idea. “That would solve the problem,” she cracked.

Later on, Behar repeated an argument she had made on Monday's show about poorly ranked health care and education in the state equating to pro-lifers not caring about children.

“FYI, Alabama ranks 37th in child care services out of 50 states. 46th in health care. 50th in education. Hello?” she gushed.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg slammed one Republican who referenced the Bible as something that shouldn’t be allowed because Biblical beliefs shouldn’t be allowed in politics:

You know, one of these gentlemen went on to sort of make a Biblical -- reference. What happens if you're an atheist? What if you do not subscribe to other people's religious beliefs? The thing about this country is -- not was -- is -- we're all allowed to practice the religion of choice and not to practice if it’s not part of your life. I don't know why you are having to deal with someone's else's religious choices.

Self-proclaimed Catholic co-host Sunny Hostin tried to argue that she was “pro-life” because she was Catholic, but she was pro-choice because she was an attorney. Fellow co-host Meghan McCain tried to call her out on her waffling.

How you reconcile your own personal faith, that is not the position of the Catholic church, so how you reconcile your faith and your attendance at a Catholic church with your beliefs is your personal decision. But don't present it like the Catholic church is in agreement with what you said. They're not.

“That's not what she meant,” Whoopi said trying to shut down McCain. Hostin claimed the Catholic church was, yes, pro-life, but also anti-gun and anti-capital punishment.

“The Catholic church is pro-life across the board. The Catholic church is anti-death penalty. The Catholic church is pro gun control. They're pro-life. It's across the board pro-life,” she gushed.