Sick: WashPost Defends Dem Who Proposed Radical Abortion Bill, Sneers at Conservative Backlash

January 31st, 2019 3:46 PM

The Washington Post has been quick to cover for local Virginia Democrats after they received swift backlash for proposing a radical abortion bill that would make it easier for women to get third trimester abortions. Democrat Delegate Kathy Tran admitted, while proposing the bill earlier this week, that it would even allow a baby to be killed as they were about to be born. This horrifying admission was dismissed by The Post, as they shockingly ran a puff piece defending Tran and Democrats for their radical views on abortion, that most Americans do not share.

Post reporter Antonio Olivo set up his feminist saga right from the get go, labeling conservatives as the villains: “Until this week, Del. Kathy Tran was known for nursing her daughter on the House floor. Now Republicans are calling her a baby killer,” Olivo wrote.

Even more embarrassing, he omitted Tran’s most controversial comment supporting infanticide, in his original post. Instead, Olivo stealth edited his article, not once, but TWICE, adding the controversial comment later, as well as a statement from Tran walking back her comments, without any editor’s note revealing so.

While Republicans were bullies, Olivo painted Tran with soft edges. The first Asian-American in Virginia’s House of Delegates, he touted; a mother of four. The Post made sure to add several pictures of Tran holding her young baby, noting her claim to fame was nursing her baby on the House floor. Olivo even included a glowing bio of the Democrat delegate detailing how she achieving the American Dream coming to America as a refugee.

Now, she was getting death threats, the Post asserted, clearly laying blame at conservatives.

This wasn’t the only time this week the liberal paper has gone after conservatives and defended Democrats for supporting this radical bill. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam also got a lot of blowback Wednesday for defending that failed bill in a radio interview, saying that an infant could be born and “kept comfortable” until the doctor and parents decided if they wanted the child to live or not. The Post eagerly defended this vile comment from Northam as well, complaining that he “triggered” Republicans, who laid out a “frontal political assault” against him.