Teen Radicalized by Islam Goes on Fatal Stabbing Spree; Nets Silent

March 14th, 2018 11:09 AM

News broke on March 13 that a Florida teen had been arrested, after stabbing to death his friend and attempting to kill his friend’s mother and another peer at a sleepover. The suspect confessed afterwards that he had recently converted to Islam and his beliefs motivated him to murder.

While the horrific violent act was covered by local news in Jupiter, Florida, and nationally March 14 by Fox News Channel, the big three networks have ignored the story thus far.

Florida’s The Palm Beach Post reported March 13 that “a Jupiter teen said his Muslim faith led him to fatally stab a boy on his 13th birthday and injure two others at a sleepover Sunday night.”

17-year-old Corey Johnson was a guest at his friend Kyle Bancroft’s home that night, and “woke up at 4 a.m. to kill Kyle’s mother Elaine Simon, Kyle’s brother, Dane, 13; and Dane’s friend, Jovanni Sierra, who had just turned 13, while they slept,” he told the police, according to the report.

After stabbing Jovanni Sierra dozens of times, Elaine Simon awoke to hear the teen moaning in pain. Upon entering the room, Johnson lunged at her and stabbed her about a dozen times before her son, Dane, attempted to protect her and was also stabbed over two dozen times. Thankfully, they were able to escape and call 9-1-1 from a neighbor’s house. Jovanni Sierra was deceased upon the police’s arrival.

The reason for the attack? Johnson told police that two of the boys had made comments that offended his Islamic beliefs. His friend’s brother, Dane, had “made fun of” his faith and how he prayed, while Sierra allegedly had called celebrities, “gods,” which upset Johnson because it was against his faith to idolize others as a god, he told the police after he was arrested.

The police report noted that this was a premeditated attack. Johnson and his friend Kyle had watched violent jihadist videos that encouraged death to non-believers while Johnson also admitted to reading the Quran before going to the sleepover. He told police that the Quran inspired him and “gave him courage to carry out his intentions.”

Just like the Parkland shooter, Johnson had been investigated by the FBI, the local police department and the school district the year before because of his "violent tendencies" but nothing came out of the investigation.

Local CBS affiliate WPEC tweeted out a video report on the story:


While FNC’s Fox and Friends First covered the story in a brief March 14:

ROB SCHMITT: An ISIS fanatic teenager accused of going on a stabbing rampage at a birthday party sleepover killing a 13-year-old. Police say 17-year-old Corey Johnson slit the teen's throat, stabbed another teen's mom and then her son who ran to a neighbor's house to call 911.

(911 CALL) NEIGHBOR: She rang my bell. She’s bleeding, says Corey Johnson is out there with a knife, is a murderer. That is all I know. She’s bleeding like crazy here. You’ve got to send somebody now.

ROB SCHMITT: After his arrest, Johnson admitted to converting to Islam and watching jihadist videos. The FBI says they investigated Johnson last year and nothing came up.

But so far nothing from ABC, NBC or CBS.

While we’ve seen the mainstream media give plenty of coverage to gun violence, they tend to downplay violence that does not fit their agenda, ie: it is motivated by terrorism or radical Islamic extremism, (and typically carried out with other weapons other than guns.)

H/T: Daily Caller