ABC: ‘Best and Brightest’ Teens Putting ‘Pressure’ on Trump to ‘Make Gun Reform a Reality’

While the networks ignore thousands of young people who march on Washington every year to protest the legalized slaughter of innocent children in the womb, they don’t mind spending ample time gushing over young people who protest for liberal causes. They proved that again on Monday, when all three networks proudly touted a much smaller group of teens protesting guns, in wake of last week’s school shooting.

A group of students from that school in Parkland, Florida have organized a nation-wide protest, including one in D.C., to take place March 24 called the “March for our lives,” demanding more gun control from President Trump and lawmakers. The networks proudly cheered the teens’ activism from the left, with ABC’s Good Morning America being particularly over-the-top in its enthusiasm over the young progressives’ cause.

The GMA journalists played activists themselves, bragging how the kids were putting the “pressure” on President Trump to take action, but whining about how he hadn’t addressed gun control yet.

“The President feeling the pressure,” anchor Robin Roberts gushed. Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl griped, “Robin, since the shooting, the president has barely uttered the word gun or guns at all,” to which Roberts lamented, “Yeah. and much less gun control. We haven't heard that from him.”

Senior White House Correspondent Cecilia Vega added that change was unlikely with a “Republican-controlled Congress,” but applauded the “resounding call for change” coming from the “kids in Florida.”

Those kids are not going to go away,” anchor Michael Strahan boasted, leading into correspondent Adrienne Bankert’s report on the protest.

Bankert praised the student activists as the “best and brightest here in Parkland,” who had used their “heartache” to “take action.”

“The students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High are demanding their voices be heard,” Bankert stated, while ABC played clips of students at an anti-gun rally over the weekend. The network played multiple clips of students bashing adults and government for supposedly not doing anything about gun violence.



“Adults have failed us honestly. And kids are dying because of it. Change needs to happen so no more lives are lost,” one student gushed, as another boasted how they were “going to be the kids that you read about in textbooks...we’re going to change the law!”

Would ABC give such unfettered access and praise to students who march on Washington each year at the annual March for Life? The mere thought of ABC giving anywhere near the kind of coverage to pro-life students protesting abortion is so unthinkable, it makes the double standard incredibly apparent.

Yet ABC still celebrated these teens liberal activism as noble and impactful.

“This morning, they say gun reform must become a reality,” Bankert gushed, touting students meeting with lawmakers in Florida and preparing for more rallies across the country, including a march on Washington.

And you know, just like this memorial behind us, the #NeverAgain organizers are hoping to send a message that will not be ignored. They're asking for global support,” she said, closing her report.

NBC’s Today report from Gabe Gutierrez was much more straightforward and less swooning than ABC’s. However, NBC did play a clip ABC didn’t show, of one of the prominent protesters, Emma Gonzalez, leading the crowd in a emotional chant devoid of facts:

They say that tougher gun laws do not decrease gun violence. We call B.S.! They say a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun. We call B.S. They say guns are just tools like knives and are as dangerous as cars. We call B.S.!

CBS’s Adriana Diaz report also admired the student activists, playing a shortened version of the above clip, with the same student bashing President Trump for only sending “thoughts and prayers” for the victims.

Diaz sat down with four of the student protesters and asked about their planned march in Washington. One student compared their march to other movements led by the left such as the Women’s March and the #MeToo Movement. Diaz did press the students, asking if what they wanted was a slippery slope to taking away people’s gun rights. That angered the small group of students, with Emma Gonzalez gushing, “We have a right to live! At this point what does it mean to have rights to have guns?”

Diaz and anchor Norah O’Donnell ended the segment by praising the kids whose voices “are being heard.”

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