Joe and Mika Cringe Over 'Pornographic' Trump, Bash GOP as Not Real Conservatives, On 'View'

Just when you thought The View had their most annoying guest of the season on last week with Hillary Clinton, on September 21’s show, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski made an appearance. As to be expected, the panel treated Joe and Mika as if they were old friends, and gushed together over their mutual hatred of President Trump.

The conversation started with the hosts mocking Trump as a “cyberbully” after the First Lady gave a speech speaking out against online bullying this week. That naturally morphed into a discussion on Trump’s “obsession” with Mika, and his tweets against the Morning Joe duo:

WHOOPI: Can we just say there's an obsession with Mika?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: It's been that way from the very beginning. People are like why is he always so mean to Mika?

JOY BEHAR: He's attracted to her maybe.

WHOOPI: He loves her.

Joe Scarborough then got out of his seat and pretended to be Trump on set, walking up to Mika to give her a hug. With a grimace on her face, Mika portrayed the president as a creep, flippantly calling the behavior “pornographic:”

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Even before he ran for president. He would walk up on the set walk past me and go -- [hands in front of him waving]

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: We can’t actually show you. It was pornographic.

HOSTIN: What he did to you was pornographic?

BRZEZINSKI: [shrugs] Kind of...

SCARBOROUGH: No--As a funny way to hug.

BRZEZINSKI: He was handsy. As a hug [makes wrapping motion]

After discussing the Trump tweets against Mika, host Joy Behar snarked it must be because Trump’s sexist:

“Don’t you think he picks on women more? It’s all about the blood with women. I never hear the blood reference with men,” she added.

“What is that?” Brzezinski said.

“I don’t know, he’s a nut,” The View host agreed.

Later in the show, host Sara Haines asked Scarborough about his recent decision to officially leave the Republican party, (even though he hasn’t acted like a true conservative for years.)

This of course, gave Scarborough and the eager liberal hosts another opportunity to bash Republicans:



SARA HAINES: You made a big announcement about leaving the Republican party and becoming independent. Is that official now?


HAINES: What was the final straw?

SCARBOROUGH: You know, I think it's been over 15 years and Nicolle, whom who you guys all know. Nicolle Wallace said it best: ‘I'm tired of the debate whether it's a conservative Republican party or moderate Republican party. I'm tired of a stupid Republican party.’ [applause] When you look at the fact that they're pushing health care plans that have 16, 17% approval rating. They're trying to reorder 1/6 of the economy without having a single hearing. Without knowing how much it cost. I can tell you, the type of conservative I am which is a small government conservative that's suspicious of a big government controlling our lives to make that sort of jump without knowing what you're doing, that's not conservative. That's radical. Unfortunately the party has not been about conservative values. The deficit doubles under Republicans. The national debt doubles under Republicans. It ain't great under Democrats either--

Hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar interrupted to add, “But it’s better!” to which Scarborough appeared to agree.

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