GMA Gushes Over ‘Wise’ Fourth Graders Spouting Off Liberal Talking Points On Election

October 21st, 2016 11:26 AM

On Friday’s Good Morning America, anchor Michael Strahan sat down with fourth graders from an elite private school in New York City “with big voices” who “deserve to be heard,” Strahan said. If there was any indication where this interview was going to go ahead of time, the kids were selected from an elite, cultural school in the heart of New York City whose tuition costs nearly $50,000 dollars a year and whose mission statement reads, it “guides” students “towards social justice.” Sounds like a representative sample from mainstream America.

The interview started with Strahan asking the kids what kind of president each candidate would be. One boy answered, She would help the poor and fight terrorism.” For Trump, only one boy is shown answering that he didn’t think Trump would be a good president because he’s a businessman. Later on Strahan tries to get some feminist lines from the kids by asking about the first female president.

STRAHAN: This is a unique election because it is the first time you have a female candidate. What does that mean to you?

One girl responds, “It means that there's actually somebody standing up for I guess you could say women's rights now and if she becomes president then, yeah, we made history!” Strahan ate that up. Look at the smile on your face, yeah we made history!” he grinned.

Turning to another girl he asks, “What about you?” She responded, “[Hillary’s] not waiting for someone else to do something. She's decided that she's going to make the change.”

Strahan then asks them about the debate and how the candidates behaved. After one boy said he wished the candidates would be nice to each other because “they’re both American citizens,” Strahan gushed, “Well said. You’re going to make me cry, man. That was like, awesome!”

The interview ended with Strahan asking the kids to write a letter to the future president about what issues were important to them. Of course, all but one answer sounded like they came from the DNC playbook. The kids answered they wanted:

“Access to affordable healthcare”

“Stricter rules for owning a gun”

“Affordable college education”

“Raising minimum wage to $15 an hour”

“Treat all sex, races and religions equally”

Afterwards, the anchors at the roundtable praised the “impressive,” “awesome” “honest, open, and very wise” fourth graders. Strahan told the kids that they “blew him away” with their answers. This isn’t the first time this election a morning show has brought on kids and gushed about their “wisdom” for bashing conservatives or spouting off rehearsed, liberal talking points.