Daily Show Gushes Over 'Perfect' ‘Classy’ Obama; Bashes ‘Lame F**ks’ GOP

February 24th, 2016 12:09 PM

Tuesday night, Daily Show host Trevor Noah jumped on the left-wing bandwagon bashing both Antonin Scalia and the GOP for moving to delay the nomination for the late Supreme Court Justice. Amidst his rant against the GOP, Noah raved about the “smooth” and “classy” President Obama while taking a cheap shot at Ted Cruz.  

He began the segment by eulogizing Scalia as “a dick” for making “minority voting rights” “vulnerable” and being the “reason George W. Bush became President.”  If that wasn’t nice enough, Noah then blamed Scalia for gun violence.

Oh, another thing, if you want to commit grand theft auto, you can also thank Justice Scalia. Because he wrote the opinion that established the right for individuals to carry handguns.

Then the late-night host accused Senate Republicans of being full of “sanctimonious bullshit” for pushing for George W. Bush to nominate judges during an election year, but calling for Scalia’s replacement to be nominated after the election. Pretending to rap, Noah said:

You just want to have things your way. Oh, Obama needs to wait. Oh, it's an election year. Oh, you like to throw around the term lame ducks? Well, guess what, Republicans, y'all are a bunch of lame fucks. (Applause)

After insulting “turkey neck” Mitch McConnell and mocking Ted Cruz’s voice, Noah said that Cruz suffered “from a mental condition called being a liar.” When his rant was finally over, Noah did bring up that Senate Democrats have also blocked Supreme Court nominations during election years, but he blamed this on “partisan politics” and left his nasty insults and tone strictly for the GOP. Conveniently, Noah also left out the damning clip of Joe Biden in 1992 trying to block a Supreme Court nominee that went viral earlier this week. 

Amidst this, Noah played a clip of the president slamming the GOP for “reading into” the Constitution to prevent him from nominating Scalia’s replacement. Noah couldn’t hold in his excitement and awe for the President’s dismissal of the Senate Republicans.

You know what I love about President Obama? His burns are so classy. Like, he disses the shit out of the Republicans, but he's doing it so smoothly. He just has that swag about him -- I find it amusing that, uh, your mother is so overweight, that, uh, I had to order the, uh, Postmaster General to issue her, uh, own zip code. (Applause) He's just smooth!

After that pitifully transparent display, Noah went into a completely stale bit on how Obama was the “perfect” duck like Daisy Duck.

This president is not a lame duck at all. He's a perfect duck. Like Daisy Duck. (Laughter) Yeah, I mean, like, you know she's got the bow and the feathers and the damn feet, I don't know how they fit, but they do in the thing, and she can do whatever she wants. (Laughter)

It isn’t hard to see why the Daily Show is suffering from low ratings from comedy gold like this.