Juvenile 'Morning Joe' Compares Trump to a Child Pooping Their Pants

June 1st, 2017 12:07 PM

Many Americans may have been wondering what the media world was coming to when Anderson Cooper excoriated Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord, stating that Lord would defend the President even “if he took a dump on his desk.” Well, the excrement dynamics continued anew at MSNBC on Thursday's Morning Joe as a discussion over covfefe devolved into a talk about poop.     

After reviewing a clip of Sean Spicer defending Trump’s covfefe tweet to reporters, Mika Brzezinski turned to lover, and fellow co-host, Joe Scarborough, inquiring about a conversation that had taken place prior to the show. What then followed was a juvenile discussion that could easily have taken place on the school playground:

BRZEZINSKI: I think you said something before the show that really kind of summed it up.


BRZEZINSKI: You know what you said.

SCARBOROUGH: What was that? What'd I say?

BRZEZINSKI: You said it's like – like

SCARBOROUGH: Oh! Oh, oh, yeah.

BRZEZINSKI: Like a kid pooping their pants and then saying I meant to do that.

SCARBOROUGH: Well, yes, it would be like somebody pooping their pants and then people looking at it and saying that's modern art, don't you understand? I am making a statement against Russian aggression in Crimea! And so this is my statement.


SCARBOROUGH: And if you don't get it, then there's something wrong with you and not me.

BRZEZINSKI: And we only have spicy to back it up. Thank you, spicy. Everybody knew what it meant.

SCARBOROUGH: And then you know I'm going to make another statement and I'm going to sit down in my pants and it will then be modern art and I will hang it on your wall. And if you don't understand it the problem is--

BRZEZINSKI: That's what covfefe, if anybody wants to know, that small group knows what covfefe is, poopy pants.

SCARBOROUGH: But, yeah, the problem is with you all, not with the person that does it.

BRZEZINSKI: Oh, my god, how low is he going to go?

SCARBOROUGH: He does a verbal version of that every day, but it's not just him. Unfortunately, now Donald Trump has people doing that rhetorically in their pants every day --

WILLIE GEIST: Okay. All right. That's enough.

BRZEZINSKI: I started this. I take responsibility.

SCARBOROUGH: Mika's the one that asked. You know. I was actually going to quote -- I was going to actually quote Shakespeare this morning, but Mika's the one that asked me to bring this up.

BRZEZINSKI: It's really a great way of putting it.

SCARBOROUGH: Yes, if I told you, by the way we're fellows at Harvard.

BRZEZINSKI: We are Harvard fellows. No covfefe in your pants, please.

Is a new trend emerging within the mainstream media concerning their Trump coverage? Will we continue to hear more analogies to feces and soiled trousers in the future? This childish and, frankly, disgusting pattern is an apt example of everything that is currently wrong with the media in the United States of America.