MSNBC Panelists Demonstrate Their World-Class Research Ability

While in the midst of another fun-filled segment of bashing the Trump Administration, the panel of MSNBC’s Morning Joe took the time to once again reiterate the media narrative of the President being tied to Russia.  Their target this time was the law firm that Trump used to manage his taxes, Morgan, Lewis, and Bockius.  The panelists howled with laughter over the fact that the firm had received in 2016 the Russian Law Firm of the Year Award.

“Oh, I like this,” self-proclaimed conservative Joe Scarborough began as political analyst John Heilemann proceeded to read off the incriminating information:

“If you go to their website it will tell you that they not only celebrated their Russian Law Firm of the Year Award, but they talk about their 40 lawyers and staff who are in their Moscow office and have deep ties.”

“Sounds like just the right law firm for the President!” Nicholas Confessore, New York Times political correspondent exclaimed.  But, the verbal onslaught had not yet ended as Heilemann later concluded with the following:

“It's fantastic. The website says they're well known, the law firm. Well known in the Russian market and have a deep familiarity with the legislation, practices and key players, The firm boasts of being quote “particularly adept at advising clients on, quote, sanction matters.”

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“Helpful, helpful,” Mika Brzezinski, the future Mrs. Joe Scarborough, chirped.    

Indeed, it is hard to imagine a more systematic, cunning, and well-devised narrative than the one described by the esteemed intellectuals from above.  It would be completely flawless were it not for a few minor, pesky details strangely omitted from the overarching story.

A quick google search online (capable by even the most inexperienced and untested intern) will reveal a few interesting facts about the Morgan, Lewis, and Bockius Law Firm:

First, the Clinton Campaign made use of the same law firm during the 2016 election! Yes, Hillary Clinton, in fact, hired James Hamilton, a partner at Morgan, Lewis, and Bockius and a well-know DC attorney who also previously worked for Al Gore, John Kerry, and even Barack Obama!

Second,the law firm founded by Howard Dean recieved the same Russian Law Firm of the Year Award in, get ready, 2013, 2014, and 2016!  

I think the real question here is: What happened in 2015?  Come on, Howard, we all know you can do better than this.

And this, everyone, is why we perform Google searches before carrying on with outlandish, unsubstantiated statements.


JOHN HEILEMANN: All of those things are ugly in terms of numbers, but can I give you like one little data point that you will enjoy. The law firm that Trump uses for his tax matters --

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Oh, I like this!

HEILEMANN: Which wrote the letter-- The certified letter--

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Very reputable.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: By the way, I understand they got the award for the greatest law firm.

HEILEMANN: Yes. The Russian law firm of the year.


HEILEMANN: Russia law firm of the year awarded in 2016.


HEILEMANN: Yes. Morgan Lewis and Bockius is the name of the firm.

RICHARD HAAS: Can't make it up.

HEILEMANN: If you go to their website it will tell you that they not only celebrated their Russia law firm of the year award, but they talk about their 40 lawyers and staff who are in their Moscow office and have deep ties.


NICHOLAS CONFESSORE: Sounds like just the right law firm for the president.


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