Mark Levin on Bob Costas: He's a 'Damn Fool,' Not a 'Juan Williams Liberal'

March 10th, 2014 11:05 PM

He may call himself a "Bernie Goldberg conservative" and a "Juan Williams liberal" but in truth, NBC sportscaster Bob Costas is simply "a damn fool" who "has abused [his] role" on the network's airwaves to trash the constitutional right of "we the people" to keep and bear arms, syndicated radio host Mark Levin argued on his March 10 program.

[Click here to listen to an MP3 of the Levin segment on "Botox Bob" Costas; special thanks to Levin producer Richard Sementa for furnishing the clip.]

"I'm going to have to fix my show to accommodate the little fella, yes I will," Levin snarked after playing sound bites of Costas on the March 9 edition of the Fox News Channel Media Buzz program saying that while he reads and sometimes "nod[s] in agreement" with certain conservative columnists, he "[doesn't] respect the heat-over-light [conservative] voices" that can be found at Fox News and on talk radio.


Conveniently, Mr. Costas forgets all the incendiary leftist voices at MSNBC, a sister network of NBC's, Levin observed.

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