Daily Beast/Newsweek Offers 'Seven Tips for a Top-Secret Affair'

The shocking revelation of CIA Director David Petraeus's adultery has rocked Washington and has thrilled the media, perhaps a little too much.

Forget the pain that adultery causes and which Holly Petraeus must be feeling right now. For the Daily Beast/Newsweek's Lizzie Crocker, the whole situation is the perfect news peg to offer aspiring philanderers lessons they can learn from the ex-CIA chief's "rookie mistakes."

"From staying offline to leaving colleagues alone, [here's] our guide to keeping a lover under wraps," oozed the subheader to "Rules David Petraeus Broke: Seven Tips for a Top-Secret Affair."

Newsweek will go all digital at the new year. Thankfully that will keep crap like this from polluting your dentist's waiting room.

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