NBC's Gregory Aptly Sears Politico In Roast: Paper 'Petulant' and 'Trivial'

Politico turned five years old yesterday and self-importantly celebrated its survival of infancy with a roast video featuring journalists and pundits celebrating the paper with biting comments.

Perhaps the best, and most spot-on quip came from NBC Meet the Press host David Gregory about 30 seconds into the spot (video embedded below):

It's truly a news organization that acts its age. A petulant five-year-old concerned with only trivial matters. That's Politico.

Perhaps the dopiest tribute in the video -- aside from Luke Russert's Skynet comparison -- immediately follows, with Huffington Post founder woodenly cracking a joke about Mike Allen's penchant for breaking scoops.

Happy birthday, Politico. You've certainly given us plenty of material to work with over the years.

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