WaPo Music Critic: Playing 'Lyin' A** B*tch' to Intro Bachmann Shows The Roots Are 'Artists'

In a glowing review of The Roots' new album "undun," Washington Post music critic Chris Richards lamented it was "too bad" that the band's choice of Fishbone's "Lyin' A** B*tch" to introduce Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann on the November 21 Late Night with Jimmy Fallon will likely be "the one song" that the band will "be remembered for" most in 2011.

"The band considered it a joke. Certain corners of the media considered it an outrage," Richards noted (emphasis mine):

But regardless of whether the decision was in poor taste, it underscored a bigger point about the Roots: The band members might spend their work week taking Jimmy in and out of commercial, but they've never stopped thinking of themselves as artists.

After praising The Roots for their work in "undun," Richards gushed that the band "have inarguably made television a better place for music, while life on television has inarguably made the Roots a better band."

"Let's hope they never quit their day job. Or get fired," Richards concluded his December 6 review.

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