MSNBC's Bashir Notes NB Criticism, Slams Herman Cain as 'Post-Stupid'

October 17th, 2011 7:01 PM

Martin Bashir devoted his October 17 "Clear the Air" segment to defending MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor from criticism from NewsBusters and The Blaze that she attacked GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain for being in her view ashamed of being black.

Taylor insisted on Friday that Cain would "shed his ethnicity" that "if he could become what I would call the color of water, he would do it" for political advantage.

Bashir failed to find any fault with the "insightful" Goldie Taylor's attack and even doubled down on it with a puerile smear of Cain as being a "post-stupid" candidate, whatever that's supposed to mean [MP3 audio available here; video embedded below page break]:

The point is this: Herman Cain is the one who's been attempting to play down his racial background. He's the one who keeps saying that America is now colorblind.

But everyone knows that Herman Cain is badly wrong.

Look at the statistics for black unemployment. Look at the black prison population, look at poverty.

And all of it tells us that race absolutely does matter in this country, and that's why Herman Cain's ludicrous attempt at comedy --  where he equates his complexion with a brand of ice cream -- is not post-racial, it's post-stupid.

What's ludicrous is MSNBC's obsession with Herman Cain's race. That's hardly the way to lean forward into a post-racial future.