October 6 Obama Press Conference Live Blog

October 6th, 2011 11:01 AM

I'll be live-blogging the questions from reporters below the page break:

12:13: Now that the presser has wrapped up, MSNBC has Ed Schultz on to cheer what Obama said and have Dylan Ratigan slam Obama for not being liberal enough.

12:04: Male reporter "What should European leaders do to solve the sovereign debt crisis going forward?" Also asks if he feels European leaders were negligent for not pushing austerity sooner.

11:54: Matt Spetalnick, Reuters with questions on China, Pakistan.

11:52: Plante follow-up: "Is public pressure the only leverage you have, sir?"

11:45: Bill Plante, CBS News: "Are you negotiating? Will you?" on the jobs bill, or is Obama pursuing the Harry Truman campaign model, campaigning against a "do-nothing Congress"?

11:40 David Nakamura, Washington Post asks about Solyndra loan program and green/solar energy industry, "Why has that industry been so slow to respond" to the investment of the federal government?

11:37 Hans Nichols, Bloomberg asks Obama how he plans on stopping banks charging fees and if he believes companies don't have a right to make a certain amount in profits

11:36 Tapper asks follow-up on prosecutions

11:28: Jake Tapper, ABC notes Obama administration hasn't prosecuted Wall Street executives and sent them to jail. Also asks about Solyndra, Fast & Furious, asks if it gives Obama pause. "Are you worried at all about how your administration is running?"

11:27: My apologies for not picking up all the follow-up questions. Many of them are asked off-mic and I can't make them out clearly.

11:21: female reporter asks questions about Occupy Wall Street movement: "Are you following this movement and what would you say to people who are attracted to it?"

11:15: Todd follow-up: You're not seeing phones being jammed, there's disillusionment... "Are you worried about your own powers of persuasion" and that the public "is not listening to you anymore?"

11:14: Chuck Todd, MSNBC asks Obama if he's "okay with" the surtax on millionaires to pay for jobs package.

11:06: Ben Feller, Associated Press asks if Obama agrees with Fed chairman Ben Bernanke that the economy is close to faltering. Also asks if it would be more productive to work with Republicans rather than singling out Republicans by name for objecting to his jobs bill.