Roll Call 'Political Wire' Features Cartoon Depicting Nazis Winning World War 2 If U.S. Had Balanced Budget Requirement Then

Roll Call "Political Wire" editor Taegan Goddard selected a drawing by liberal Arizona Daily Star political cartoonist David Fitzsimmons for his August 1 "Cartoon of the Day."

The cartoon (embedded after the page break) depicts a battle-scarred U.S. Capitol and White House in 1942 outside of which Nazi and Japanese Empire flags fly in lieu of the Stars and Stripes. A speech balloon coming from the Capitol dome reads, "At least we didn't go into debt," while the caption reads "If Congress had passed the Tea Party's Balanced Budget Amendment in 1940."

Liberals may be fond of that talking point, even though it's patently false and Goddard should know it.

From the Republican Study Committee website:

One proposed balanced budget amendment sponsored by RSC member Rep. Joe Walsh (IL-08), H.J.Res 56, would require the President to submit and Congress to enact a balanced budget, cap federal spending at 18% of GDP, and prevent future federal tax increases. Congress could only waive these provisions by a two-thirds vote, except in times of declared war or by three-fifths majority during times of military conflict. It would also require a three-fifths majority to raise the federal debt limit.

Congress swiftly declared war on Japan and Germany in December 1941. If Walsh's amendment were in effect then, the declaration of war would negate the peacetime need for a two-thirds vote to spend over 18% in GDP, raise taxes, or balance the budget.

Fitzsimmons has had more outrageous cartoons, however. On July 27, Fitzsimmons fantasized about President Obama sending in a Navy SEAL team to assassinate Tea Party Republicans:

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