Hypes YouTube Video of Little Boy Understanding, Approving of Same-sex Marriage

"It's a talking point so overused it's almost a trope by this point,"'s Bailey Johnson groused in a July 11 "The Feed" blog post: "How will I explain this [same-sex marriage] to my children?"

"Obviously that's a question parents have to answer for themselves. Unless they don't explain anything and let the children work things out for themselves. What would that look like?" Johnson asked, answering her own question by setting up a YouTube video that has since been pulled for copyright violations (you can still find the full original here and embedded below):


It might look a little something like this classic video, where a young boy named Calen meets his first gay couple - without knowing what "gay" could be.

The innocence and uncomplicated perspective of children really shouldn't surprise us anymore, and yet it always does. Husbands are boys, wives are girls. So two men would be... two husbands. Makes sense.

Anyway, I'm going to play ping pong now.

Of course, little Calen also proclaimed the "two husbands" marital union to be "funny."

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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