WaPo Devotes 880 Words to First Lady/Wal-Mart Partnership, Zilch to After-dark Protest, Crosshairs Flyer by Anti-Wal-Mart Group

Last Wednesday I wrote about a left-wing anti-Wal-Mart group in Washington, D.C. that published a flyer depicting a crosshairs on the Wal-Mart smiley face icon and called for a "march on the developer's house" in Northwest D.C. after dark on Thursday the 20th.

[That flyer has since been scrubbed from the WalMartFreeDC.org website, but you can see a screen capture of it below the page break]

Various news agencies have covered the story, including the Washington Examiner, which sent a correspondent to cover the protest march.

Only about 25 people showed up at the protest, so it's not precisely front-page news, but a search of Nexis found not even a blurb about the event or the decidedly uncivil and race-baiting rhetoric the group's website espouses in a rap song that warns that Wal-Mart has a "plantation mentality" that "results in black and brown casualties."

Yet on Friday the Post did have room for a gauzy piece on a partnership Wal-Mart has forged with First Lady Michelle Obama with a page A12 880-word story*, "Wal-Mart joins first lady's healthful food campaign."

*The online headline is different than the print headline, reading, "Michelle Obama, Wal-Mart partner on healthy foods program."

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