Dylan Ratigan Disparages Tea Party as Pyromaniacal Crazies Bent on Destruction

Tea Party members, MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan wants you to know that he’s just like you.

Except of course that he’s not a pyromaniacal lunatic hell-bent on destroying America.

That’s how the MSNBC anchor leaned forward, no, make that leaped, into insanity during a November 3 segment with Nicolle Wallace. The former George W. Bush staffer told Ratigan that, like him, Tea Partiers who fueled last night's electoral shakeup were furious at the direction of the country the past few years.

That's where Ratigan launched into his screed.

“Two people are pissed off, one becomes a Tea Partier, one, the other one becomes Dylan Ratigan,” the MSNBC host argued, adding:


The Tea Partier burns themselves in the town square and then tries to burn the whole town down, because they’re so pissed off. [It] gratifies their anger. Yee ha! You’re mad, you just killed everybody!


I’m mad, I’m using it to motivate me to work 18-hour days to try to first propagate the information properly and secondarily organize around it. So while I would say the emotional origin is similar, the manifestation instead of being destroy the country, destroy myself, which is what the Tea Party in my view has become, where the anger is just converted into destruction, that the anger can be converted into construction.

In response to that, Wallace argued, “their anger was converted into electoral success last night.”

“Whoop-ti-do,” Ratigan flippantly and childishly retorted.

“Well, whoop-ti-do, we live in a democracy and that’s our system,” Wallace shot back.

To watch the video, click the play button in the embed above. For the MP3 audio, click here.

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