PBS's Bonnie Erbe Slams 'Offensive' Measure to Call Attention to Trauma of Abortion

Bonnie Erbe file photo from PBS.org | NewsBusters.orgDarn! She's on to us pro-lifers!

PBS "To the Contrary" host Bonnie Erbe has discovered the real eeeevil secret of the pro-life movement, which she unveiled in an April 15 post at the Thomas Jefferson Street blog on USNews.com (emphasis mine):

What is the religious right doing by campaigning against abortion? First and foremost, its efforts seem aimed at trying to keep church pews filled by bringing more and more poor people into the world. Second, it will just end up boosting the teen unwed pregnancy rate every time it guilt trips an unwed, pregnant teen into bringing to term a child she does not want and cannot afford to raise. Third, it will effectively subjugate women and girls in the same way women and girls in developing nations are consigned to a life of child-bearing and little else.

Erbe -- who argued last April that abortion was a good decision to make in a recession -- apparently felt compelled to lay out her conspiracy theory as a response to "Gov. Pawlenty's Offensive 'Abortion Recovery Month.'"

You see, the Republican governor of Minnesota committed the unpardonable sin of calling attention to the devastating effects abortion has on women who has undergone the procedure:

Here we go again. Just when you thought the religious right couldn’t come up with any more outrageous behavior designed to offend mainstream Americans and accomplish nothing of worth, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty proclaims April, again, “Abortion Recovery Month.”

The proclamation, first cited by the Minnesota Independent, “encourages and promotes healing opportunities and raises awareness of the aftermath of abortion experienced by individuals and families,” according to the document signed by the Republican governor and Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie.

Of course, this is hardly surprising, coming from someone who once argued that calling abortion what it is, the killing of a baby, is in and of itself "extremism."

If Ms. Erbe really wants to confront an extremist on the issue of abortion, perhaps she needs go no further than her bathroom mirror.

Photo of Erbe via PBS.org

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