Video: Liberals on MSNBC Loved Using Term 'Bush Regime'

We at NewsBusters have recorded how MSNBC's Chris Matthews has lambasted conservative talker Rush Limbaugh for using the term "regime" to describe the Obama administration and the liberals in Congress who pushed through ObamaCare. Confronted on his hypocrisy, Matthews was later compelled to admit that he himself used the term a few times in the Bush adminstration to refer to the "Bush regime."


But Matthews wasn't alone. A search of Nexis for "Bush regime" found other former and current MSNBCers using the term both before and after Bush's tenure in office in addition to liberal acolytes like Democratic strategist Steve McMahon, Senator Arlen Specter's challenger from the Left, Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.), and quadrennial Green Party standard-bearer Ralph Nader.

So I asked video editor Bob Parks to compile a video montage showing just how fond the Left was of using the term "Bush regime" on MSNBC programming. You can check that out by clicking the play button on the embed at the right.

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