Revolving Door: Clinton & Newsweek Alum Waldman Takes Job with Obama FCC

October 29th, 2009 5:23 PM

Steve Waldman, the "founding soul of Beliefnet" and a former Newsweek reporter and US News & World Report editor is now spinning through the revolving door into the Obama FCC, reports Cathy Lynn Grossman of USA Today:

Steven Waldman, founder, editor and leading political blogger of, the nation's top Internet spirituality site, is leaving for a post in the Obama administration.

He's posted a farewell letter on his blog calling this "the most difficult (and surreal) post I've had to write" as he departs to become senior adviser to new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Julius Genachowski.

Grossman's brief October 28 Faith & Reason blog post failed to mention Waldman's stint in the Clinton administration, but then again Waldman's Beliefnet blogger bio page also leaves out his work as senior advisor to the CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service -- the bureaucracy that runs AmeriCorps -- during the Clinton administration.

After his stint as a advisor for AmeriCorps, Waldman penned an April 1, 1999 article for the Democratic Leadership Council's Blueprint Magazine with his vision for how to "Nationalize National Service."

Conservatives wary of the pro-"Fairness Doctrine" inclinations of the Obama/Genachowski FCC might point back to Waldman's previous government service for clues as to how he'll advise the FCC on packaging its regulatory agenda in a palatable manner for public consumption.