Barbara Walters Hails 'Fearless', Intelligent 'View' Co-host Joy Behar

"She is fearless. There's an intelligence there as well as the humor," insists Barbara Walters about none other than, wait for it, "The View" co-host Joy Behar.

Washington Post's Howard Kurtz relayed that gem in his Style section front-pager, "Oh, Joy! Gift of Gab Gives Host New Gig," about Behar's new primetime gig on HLN (formerly known as CNN Headline News).

Yes, this is the same Joy Behar who:

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To his credit, Kurtz did detail Behar's liberal views -- she complains President Obama is sometimes not liberal enough -- and noted how the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights has complained about her anti-Catholic bigotry, something NewsBusters Publisher and Media Research Center President Brent Bozell has also addressed.

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