Feminist Bonnie Erbe Hints Michelle Malkin Deserved to Be Target of Playboy's Venom

June 3rd, 2009 12:52 PM

Updated below

It was wrong of Playboy to publish a top ten list of conservative women its writer Guy Cimbalo would like to "hate-f***" but, c'mon, we all know Michelle Malkin had it coming. That's the gist of PBS "To the Contrary" host and U.S. News contributing editor Bonnie Erbe's June 3 blog post, "Playboy Mix of Sex, Hate, and Politics Demeans Conservative Women" (emphasis mine):

Yesterday, I was contacted by the executive director of SmartGirlPolitics.org, a conservative women's website, to stand up for conservative women treated despicably by the media. Here I am, doing just that.... A couple of caveats are in order. First, I probably disagree politically with much of SmartGirlPolitics.org's agenda--I know I disagree completely with the group's position on abortion rights. But as a nonpartisan, I'm also a firm believer in supporting all members of my gender when attacked due to their gender. I am supporting these women herewith.

I also want to note that at least one woman on the list is so venom-spewing, she unfortunately invites venom to be shot back at her: Michelle Malkin. Her posts and her "routine" are so venomous and predictable, in fact, I stopped paying attention to her years ago.

Weekly Standard's Mary Katharine Ham, another target of Cimbalo's list, lamented that Erbe suggested that outspoken conservative women have this sort of disgusting treatment coming. Via Ham's Twitter page (in reverse chronological order):

These are the very women who remind us that no woman is ever "asking for it." But my politics are my proverbial short skirt, I guess.

Bonnie Erbe tries to deliever a Playboy criticism from the Left but ruins it by saying @michellemalkin had it coming: http://bit.ly/2MvnEN

Update: Michelle Malkin responds to Erbe here, writing, "This is what feminism looks like: Bitter, clingy, and effete"